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Riverview Contracting are committed to operating to the highest standards of quality and safety, at all times.
Riverview Contracting are earth moving contractors that specialise in residential work and other work in built-up areas. We have state of the art, precision equipment and machinery that is specifically designed to do tough work in small spaces.

Industrial, Commercial and Residential earth moving & excavating

When you need industrial strength earth moving and excavating services and equipment, you need Riverview Contracting. Our team is highly trained and experienced in working on industrial sites. We have expertise in contaminated site remediation, land clearing, roads and more.

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If you need mining services in Otago, Riverview Contracting has everything you need to get the job done. We have experienced, qualified and highly skilled operators who can complete any job, safely and effectively. We are fully equipped to complete any size project, from large scale industrial works to back yard landscaping. Our team is always professional and courteous, and our prices are just right.


Everyone on our team is 100% committed to getting your project completed on time, within your specified budget, to the highest standards and with maximum safety as our highest priority.
We use the toughest and most precision, state of the art equipment and machinery available.

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Equipment & machinery hire

We have pumps, and earth moving and excavating machinery available for hire. Our equipment and machinery is top grade, state of the art, innovative, high precision and extremely tough! We have exactly what you need for any project. Call us to talk about your requirements and secure the equipment and machinery you need!

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We use the toughest and most precision, state of the art equipment and machinery available. Give us a call. We know we have everything it takes to get your job done better than the rest!

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